Application Form

Application Instructions:

-          Copy & Paste the following questions into an email and answer the questions accordingly, then send your email to: mcr@miltoncaninerescue.ca



1.       Name:

2.       Address:


3.       Phone Number:

4.       Email Address:


5.       Are you aware that a vet reference and home visit are required?


6.       Vetís name and phone number:


7.       Type of home do you have? E.g. house, condo, apartment, city or country:


8.       Describe the human members of the family e.g. adults, kids and ages:


9.       Are the home and car non-smoking?


10.   Describe any other pets in the household:


11.   Tell us about any dog you have previously owned:


12.   Which dog are you interested in?


13.   Tell us about any experience you may have with the breed, if not described above:


14.   How many hours a week are you expecting and able to commit to training and grooming?


15.   Do you have any experience in training or behavior modification?


16.   Will you attend positive-based obedience classes?


17.   Do you have a securely fenced yard?


18.   Under what circumstances, if any, would your dog be tied up?


19.   How many hours per day would the dog spend outside, unsupervised?


20.   How many consecutive hours per day would the dog be alone?


21.   Where would the dog be left when you are gone out?


22.   Where would the dog sleep at night?


23.   Would you travel with your dog?


24.   Do you have experience with crate-training a dog?


25.   What kind of doggie activities would the dog be involved in?